Coping with “The Blues”- Healthy Ways to Feel Uplifted!

20 Ways to Copy with Depression | Denver CO

Are you struggling with depression or “the blues”?

Treatment for depression may include individual, group (ex. CBT or DBT), and/or couples or family therapy, medication, nutrition, self-help coping skills, and sometimes more intensive treatments, (ex. TMS). There is no single treatment that works for every person. Some individuals find that doing yoga every day is the cure for them. Others find participating in a support group or in therapy is most helpful. Whichever path you take in treating depression (most often- therapy and/or medication), discovering and committing to practicing self-help coping skills on a regular basis can empower you to realize your innate ability to heal yourself.

Here are 20 healthy ways to feel uplifted~

  1. Self-esteem work such as positive affirmations
  2. Exercise releases endorphins – “feel good” hormones or play favorite sport
  3. Eat healthy or comfort foods and drink lots of water for energy & health
  4. Get a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis
  5. Laugh! Watch a funny movie, read a funny book/magazine
  6. Do volunteer work get “out of yourself”, help others, see other people smile because of you
  7. Talk with someone – a friend, family member, or a professional)-catharsis helps
  8. Have a good cry or express your feelings in a journal (write a poem, story, or play)
  9. Have an adventure, change your scenery, get away for the day
  10. Be with “up” people or at least call them
  11. Listen to positive or peaceful music (or create something through dance, music, or visual art)
  12. Get some sun or replace your lights at home with full spectrum light bulbs (light therapy)
  13. Get involved with hobbies you used to (or still) love
  14. Get out in nature or nurture/pamper yourself in other ways (take a bath, get a massage)
  15. Be productive (set a goal, get support from others, & go for it)- feel sense of accomplishment
  16. Write a “joy list/gratitude list” for present situations or set goals for future & action plans
  17. Be with children or animals – both easily give unconditional love
  18. Clean & decorate your home/room (color affects mood)
  19. Fall in love (even with a famous person who doesn’t know)
  20. SMILE – most people will smile back

If you’re struggling with depression and would like to begin counseling, contact Lana Isaacson, LCSW, CAC III at 720.432.5262, [email protected], or schedule your free consultation or session online.