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Hold Me Tight for ALL Couples (NEW!) ~ Scroll down for more information

Workshops for Parents of Young Children  /  Workshops for Couples in Recovery

2024 Hold Me Tight Workshops for ALL Couples


Are you and your partner…

Feeling distant or disconnected (like roommates)?

Tired of getting stuck in seemingly endless conflict?

Or, coming from a place of strength and wishing to deepen your emotional intimacy skills?

  Join thousands of couples all over the world who are already enjoying a stronger, intimate connection!

The Hold Me Tight® Program

 A Couples Enrichment Experience

Based on the book

By Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of evidence-based

 Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

By applying core concepts from Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), the most successful couple therapy model substantiated by research (95% of couples feel better, and 75% report their issues resolved) and working through the 7 Conversations in Hold Me Tight~

  • Couples will learn new ways of moving out of old negative patterns that keep them stuck, in conflict and disconnected.
  • Couples will deepen their connection and begin to establish a secure and lasting relationship bond.
  • Couples will enhance their intimacy, happiness and ability to keep their love alive!

Are you ready to raise the bar and experience an AMAZING relationship? Enter into a safe environment with a handful of other couples that understand that intimate relationships, like all other important endeavors, require research-based education, practice and commitment (as well as an open heart and willingness to grow).

Most of us aren’t taught how to be in adult love relationships.

No one gave us a road map and as a result we often end up hurt and alone.

– Debi Scimeca-Diaz (EFT Trainer).

The Hold Me Tight workshop provides the road map or “relationship manual” that all couples deserve.

This workshop transformed my own marriage.

It is an honor for me to pay it forward and assist couples as they courageously participate in these 7 conversations that will strengthen their bond, heal old wounds, and support them in developing an emotionally intimate relationship that they never could have imagined.

Lana Isaacson, LCSW, CAS (Workshop Facilitator and Former Participant)

couples therapy

When: 2024 Dates TBA!

Saturday 9 am – 5:30 pm MST
Sunday 9 am – 4:30 pm MST

Where: IN PERSON ~ Lakewood, Colorado

Cost: TBA

Who: ALL Couples are welcome (race, color, culture, religion, spiritual practice, sex, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, relationship status, national origin or physical and mental abilities).

Workshop Leaders: Lana Isaacson, LCSW (& Co-facilitator TBA)

Other Details: Join other couples in learning the road map to create a more secure bond. You can keep your relationship dynamics confidential during exercises in private offices or outside spaces and sharing with the group is not required.

What does the cost include? 

  • Therapists are trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and are experienced guides leading couples through the 7 bonding conversations.
  • Live, hands-on presentation of materials, videos of real couples working through Hold Me Tight® exercises (“7 Conversations”)
  • Private time for you and your partner or support from a counselor (you choose) to have meaningful conversations and during the relationship exercises
  • Opportunity to debrief, discuss and ask therapists any questions about the workshop material and exercises
  • Each partner will receive their own workbook for the Hold Me Tight® workshop
  • Effective relationship skills (that get to the heart of the matter) to have for a lifetime and pass down to future generations!


 Lana Isaacson, LCSW, CAS at 720.939.2189 or [email protected]

Workshops for Couples with Young Children

“It is not children who extinguish the flame of desire, but adults who fail to keep the spark alive.” (Esther Perel)

We reap what we sow. Parents today read several books, take numerous classes, and spend an extraordinary amount of time parenting because we love our children and want to be the best parents possible. Imagine how amazing your marriage could be if you invested the same amount of time, money, and resources!

Keeping the Spark Alive!

Keeping the Spark Alive! is a 3-4 hour, interactive workshop/date supporting couples with young children (birth-middle school age).

As much as partners can likely recall the time that their love and passion for one another was unparalleled, it still might not compare to the awe and obsessive love we have for our children. It is in this stage of your relationship that your focus on your partner (as well as your children) will establish a solid foundation of love and create a legacy for your children- passing down a healthy, fulfilling model of marriage.

In this workshop you will:

  • Reconnect through meaningful communication and conflict resolution exercises.
  • Rebuild your intimacy toolbox to give more generously and get what you want in your relationship.
  • Rediscover how to stay in love and increase desire in your long-term relationship.
  • Reauthor a more loving, supportive, and vibrant relationship; one of the best gifts to your children.

Contact me to get on the waiting list and/or to bring this workshop to your business/organization!

 Lana Isaacson, LCSW, CAS at 720.939.2189 or [email protected]

Emotional Wellness in Motherhood Educational & Support Group

Emotional Wellness in Motherhood at the Connecting Mamas Educational & Support Group is a free, 60-minute group about coping with the baby blues, preventing post-partum anxiety and depression, and thriving in new motherhood!

Open to all mamas of babies 0 to 1 year old

When: Wednesday (date TBA) 10:45-11:45 AM

Where: Lutheran Medical Center Womens Education Center Classrooms
8300 West 38th Avenue (Main Hospital – Entrance #2)
2nd Floor North, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Cost: FREE, no registration required

Details: Free valet parking

Breastfeeding support group beforehand beginning at 9am (Drop in any time!)


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Lana helped us see how good a marriage COULD be

Making your relationship what you dreamed it would be is the most rewarding project in the world! So many married couples live day to day, thinking their marriage is something to put up with. I knew there was something wrong with how we dealt with each other. Since couples therapy, we are both able to have a voice and an open dialogue about frustrations and we’re more supportive of each other. Fulfillment is at your fingertips if you just have the right tools.  

Workshops for Couples in Recovery

Individuals in recovery deserve to have a partner by their side with whom they can enjoy their recovery journey, and their significant others deserve healing, trust restored, and a mutually loving and secure relationship as well. By changing your relationship, you give your children the best gift ever: a model for a healthy, long-lasting, fulfilling intimate relationship!

Have Each Other’s Backs Again

Couples in Addiction Recovery Denver CO

Have Each Other’s Back Again is an 8-hour, interactive workshop supporting couples in recovery to heal, reconnect, rebuild trust, and strengthen their relationship by learning and practicing research-based healthy relationship skills.

Whether your relationship is in crisis or robust, couples can always hone their relationship skills and benefit from reflecting with other like-minded couples about what it means to be a couple in recovery, and decide as a couple, your unique vision for your relationship.

In this workshop you will:

  • Reconnect as allies through hands-on exercises that cultivate deep understanding and empathy.
  • Rebuild your relationship on a foundation of trust and mutually reciprocal loving behaviors.
  • Rediscover winning relationship strategies and ways to rekindle desire & joy.
  • Reauthor your love story to pass down the gifts of recovery and a thriving intimate relationship.

Expand Your Relationship Skills:
Aftercare Program Presentation

Expand Your Relationship Skills: An Aftercare Program Presentation is a free, 90-minute, interactive presentation to increase Aftercare and Alumni clients’ confidence and skills in creating a long-lasting, fulfilling intimate relationship. My goal is to help you create the life you dream of having, with your partner beside you.

Recovery is a time to positively transform all areas of your life (emotional, physical, spiritual, social, etc.), yet few addictions treatment programs are able to provide education and therapy on the topic of healthy intimate relationship skills. Current research by The Gottman Institute (2016) demonstrates the correlation between the health of the couple relationship and successful individual recoveries.

If you are interested in holding this aftercare program presentation at your treatment facility, please download my informative flyer.

Rebuilding Trust Workshop:
Aftercare Program Presentation

Have Your Partner's Back and Heart

Rebuilding Trust: An Aftercare Program Presentation is a free, 90-minute, interactive presentation to inform and support Aftercare and Alumni clients. This program presentation will help develop evidence-based knowledge and skills in rebuilding trust in all relationships (including trusting oneself). This information can apply to past (ex. family of origin) and present relationships, and empower individuals to be more conscious in cultivating trusting relationships in the future.

If you are interested in holding this aftercare program presentation at your treatment facility, please download my informative flyer.


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Lana believed in us

“My husband and I sought therapy because of trust issues. I asked Lana if there was hope for us at the end of our first session. Lana’s belief in us and our willingness to do the couples recovery work helped my husband and me make great progress in restoring trust. I had an amazing experience with Lana and am forever grateful.”

– R

We were living separately

“The couples activities shifted us… When I arrived at the workshop, I was not in the greatest mood having recently felt defeated in my relationship. I hadn’t seen or talked to my husband for a week (since we are currently living separately), so seeing him for the first time felt very raw and emotional. But as the day went on and we were connecting through the exercises and seeing the words he was writing and watching him read the words I was writing, I felt opened up.”


Addiction couldn’t destroy us

“We learned how to rebuild trust and find ways to build a stronger foundation after the devastation active alcoholism and porn addiction.”

– R

Both our voices were heard

“Lana created an emotionally safe environment and encouraged everyone to have an equal voice in the sessions.”

– M

“It is not the children who extinguish the flame of desire, but the adults who fail to keep the spark alive.”

~ Esther Perel