Online Counseling

Does Teletherapy Really Work?

Research supports it and here is what my clients have to say…

Our online couples therapy has been absolutely as effective as would be in person.

“I just want to share a note about our online couples therapy with Lana. We thought it may be discouraging going via screen time for our therapy, but it has been absolutely as effective as would be in person.

Currently we are ALL going through hard times (I too lost my job), but we decided to continue online couple counseling and we are so happy with our sessions, especially right now when needed most. Thank you Lana! Your dedication to helping us is evident.”

– Partner in Married Couple

I feel very connected and often forget we’re not all in the same room.

“Thank you for offering your services through online therapy. I’m extremely grateful for this innovative option. I feel very connected and often forget we’re not all in the same room. Its a wonderful compliment to your practice, which has allowed me and my partner to continue on a path to healing through these challenging times.”

– Partner in Married Couple

Our (online) session felt nearly identical to the other in person sessions I have had with Lana.

“A digital counseling session is not my first choice, but I know that I need help and support during this time so it was a no brainer for me to continue my sessions with Lana virtually. If you have any experience with digital conferencing at your work you will not have any issues using the Doxy system. I logged into my session time without difficulty and Lana was waiting for me.

I have been socially isolating in a one-bedroom apartment so just seeing another person’s face who wanted to hear about how I was doing did a world of good.

Our session felt nearly identical to the other sessions I have had with Lana- she listened, asked questions and made me feel heard online just as well as she did in the office. For me keeping my appointments with Lana, even if they are digitally is crucial during this time.”

– Single Male Client

Honestly, in some ways it was better than in person counseling- no distractions, I wasn’t stressed from traffic or trying to be on time, and I had my dogs laying on me to calm me.

“Online counseling made me nervous at first because I wasn’t sure if it would just be really awkward and not feel like real counseling, but as soon as I saw Lana’s face and heard her voice it felt just like my usual sessions!

I was in such a dark place, but after that session it was like a little glimpse of “normal” and I felt so much better. Lana let me rant for a while about what was wrong then in her usual way steered me towards the real problem and real solutions to it – just like she always does, the format didn’t change the results at all!

Honestly in some ways it was better than in person counseling- no distractions, I wasn’t stressed from traffic or trying to be on time, and I had my dogs laying on me to calm me. It was wonderful! After my session, I slept for 12 hours and then woke up and baked cookies and cleaned my house. I felt so much better.”

– Mom (in recovery from postpartum anxiety) of an adorable, rambunctious toddler

My online counseling session with Lana was just as intimate, focused and helpful as it was previously sitting in the same room.

“My online counseling session with Lana was just as intimate, focused and helpful as it was previously sitting in the same room. During this uncertain time, it allowed me to have a connection with someone other than my immediate family and friends and most importantly a focused time for myself.

I made sure to have a designated space and I continued to sit there after the session, as I would have during my drive home, to reflect afterward and hold the session in my mind before re-entering back into life at home. A unique outcomes of this virtual session was it also allowed me to bring this support into my home. Every time time I passed by the space I used for my session the following day, I was reminded of her words, questions and the goals I have moving forward.

I will continue to utilize these online counseling sessions as they are a wonderful way to get support and continue on my personal journey during a time I need it the most.”

-Parent of two beautiful children with a third on the way

For couples

Raise the bar for your marriage and experience the rewards! Be as good at marriage as you are at your job, as a parent & in other important endeavors.

Lana helped us see how good a marriage could be and is supposed to be.

“Trying to make your relationship what you dreamed it would be is the most rewarding project in the world! So many married couples live day to day, thinking their marriage is something to put up with. Lana helped us see how good a marriage COULD be and is supposed to be. Fulfillment is at your fingertips if you just have the right tools.”

“What we appreciate about working with Lana is that she is so open and non-judgmental and a great listener. Very non-threatening to both partners! Lana listened to both of us so well and always stayed positive and focused on what strengths we were bringing and how to strengthen the weaknesses.”
– A (Parent)

Build a long-lasting healthy, happy, and vibrant relationship.

Lana gave us perspective, the training, and the toolbox to get the job done right.

“I had lost a great girlfriend because I had worries about moving forward while raising two kids. I was in a kind of default mode since things were going well with my kids and I feared changing things. I also didn’t want to lose my girlfriend again so I agreed to try couples therapy.”

I had fears that therapy would suck. I didn’t like talking about difficult issues and I thought counseling would be that on steroids. I thought I should be able to understand and fix anything all by myself. I also thought it may go psycho babble or hippy dippy. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has massively improved my life and the benefits stay with you going forward. If I could wish for something it would be that the negative stigma (especially among men) around therapy would disappear.

To make an analogy…I was trying to build something with no training and without the correct tools. Lana gave us perspective, the training , and toolbox to get the job done right. I was taught how to keep my saw sharp and tuned properly, how to clean and adjust the carburetor and change the spark plug. In other words, the progress was largely around learning the ingredients of a secure functioning relationship. Defining things and learning the proper terms made it fun and easy to communicate and achieve defined goals. I wasn’t born knowing these things. It’s okay to be taught how to keep your relationship in good working order. Today we are married and closer than I ever thought possible. Do it!.” – J

Create deeper connection with your partner.

I have literally fallen in love with my husband all over again.

“My husband and I have been married for 6 years and have two wonderful children. We sought Lana’s support when my husband was having difficulty with depression. He was struggling so much that he almost entirely isolated himself and stopped communicating with me. My heart was completely broken because while I was trying everything to be supportive of him and also take care of myself and our kids, he was completely unpleasant and unable to talk to me. I was desperate to try to get help. Nothing I tried worked, which began to lead to feelings of hopelessness. I honestly thought he wanted a divorce.

Lana guided us through the darkness we had been experiencing for months by helping my husband and I talk through the conflicts we had been facing and had us practice various exercises. After seeking couples therapy with Lana, I have literally fallen in love with my husband all over again. With her guidance, we have learned so much about ourselves and each other. We have come to such a wonderful place in our relationship where each day we are fostering greater understanding, respect, trust, friendship, and love. We have grown so much and established a renewed sense of commitment.” – K

I’m more comfortable expressing my emotions.

“Lana has made me feel comfortable discussing my emotions and issues that were very difficult for me, including an emotional affair I had with a former partner. This affair caused extensive damage to my marriage and I was looking to repair it. I now have a better understanding of why my marriage was vulnerable and I have a better understanding of my wife’s and my needs. I am impressed by Lana’s ability to understand my problems, and to allow me to express myself. She also has the ability to keep driving the conversation forward when I am at a point where I’m not sure where to go next. I highly recommend Lana as a counselor.” – D

We had conversations we never would have had on our own.

“The exercises we did in sessions spurred conversations we never would have had on our own. Lana helped us realize we can be partners for life. We were not sure we were going to make it as a couple, yet Lana has been able to get us to a place of open communication that we didn’t achieve after 4 years of dating.” -L

We better understand each other.

“I sought couples therapy because of a disconnection with my husband that led to constant conflict, unhealthy fighting and the feeling of wanting to escape the marriage. Today, our communication has improved. We better understand each other and are able to nurture our relationship based on that understanding. We’ve discovered that we were not fighting about the superficial issues we thought we were fighting about. Lana helped us discover each other’s emotional needs and we’ve been able to foster a more respectful, loving relationship.”  – E

We are closer than we ever thought we could be.

We made progress in all goals, and even areas we were unaware of. Our relationship is more positive, healthier, and more open today then before treatment. Communication has never been so open between my spouse and myself as it is today. We are closer than we ever thought we could be. Seeking help and assistance is not a weakness. It is the brave who seek therapy and face their issues. Life can be lived more fully if you let yourself face struggles so commonly avoided.” – A

Forge a resilient marriage.

Our marriage feels more resilient.

“We started couples therapy because our marriage was in crisis. Lana’s therapeutic presence and her use of the PACT techniques really helped us. My husband and I are more connected and much more generous with each other. We are moving closer towards each other versus moving against each other. Our marriage feels more resilient. I truly thought my marriage was over and beyond repair. I was willing to try therapy one more time and I’m so glad I did.” – B

From a couple

Our relationship is more solid than ever.

“Therapy has a lot of stigma, but especially relationship counseling. When I talked about going to Lana, sometimes the response I received was, “Oh no! What’s wrong? Are you breaking up?” And it was quite the opposite — we wanted to make sure we continued to treat each other with love. I am a better person and our relationship is more solid than ever. It was a priceless experience and everyone should do it. ” – E

We are committed to facing our challenges with more thought, empathy and patience.

“My girlfriend and I went to therapy because we were frequently arguing in a destructive way. We were also about to embark on a massive life transition, and we needed help preparing for it. We’ve made a ton of progress. Therapy helped us see the larger narrative in our family’s lives and where we fit into the story. We are kinder to each other now, and are committed to facing our challenges with more thought, empathy and patience.” – P

Restore trust in your marriage.

From a couple in recovery

We made great progress in restoring trust.

“My husband and I sought therapy because of trust issues. I asked Lana if there was hope for us at the end of our first session. Lana’s belief in us and our willingness to do the couples recovery work helped my husband and me make great progress in restoring trust. I had an amazing experience with Lana and am forever grateful.” – R

We had an equal voice in our sessions.

“Lana created an emotionally safe environment and encouraged everyone to have an equal voice in the sessions.” – M

What couples (& aftercare/alumni) are saying about their experience at couples in recovery workshops.

"Communicating in recovery (not being numb) is challenging. The hands-on exercises were very helpful."

“This was my first couples workshop and I really enjoyed it because my partner and I wanted to strengthen our relationship. This was just the beginning. Thank you!”

"We learned how to rebuild trust and find ways to build a stronger foundation after the devastation active alcoholism and porn addiction has caused in our marriage."

“The couples activities shifted us… When I arrived at the workshop, I was not in the greatest mood having recently felt defeated in my relationship. I hadn’t seen or talked to my husband for a week (since we are currently living separately), so seeing him for the first time felt very raw and emotional. But as the day went on and we were connecting through the exercises and seeing the words he was writing and watching him read the words I was writing, I felt opened up.”

“This workshop was the beginning of real, constructive communication with my spouse.”

"Marriage is hard work whether or not you‘re in recovery. You’re not alone. There is support."

“So much great information! Love the passion and delivery ... really felt comfortable and the warmth from you.”

For families

She took us through some conversations and exercises allowing us to rebuild trust with each other.

“Dr. Isaacson,

Thank you for your guidance in rebuilding my relationship with my daughter, ruined by a career as a professional alcoholic and marked by non-parenting and many personal failures.
After a successful commitment to sobriety I found my daughter wary of her father’s old ways, though I had found a new life.
My daughter and I agreed to counseling with Dr. Isaacson. She took us through some conversations and exercises allowing us to rebuild trust with each other. Her methods were gentle and encouraging but with a strict goal every step of the way.
My daughter and I are on much more confident and friendly terms with each other. Without Dr. Isaacson’s guidance, this might have never happened.
Thank you,”

 – V

I made a ton of progress in understanding my family relationships.

“It was empowering hearing options I didn’t know were possible in my relationships. I made a ton of progress in understanding my family relationships, having tools to deal with them, and now little to no anxiety. I’ve been able to let go of my past, know that I’m okay in my thoughts, and have a clearer understanding of my options in my relationships. Thank you Lana for all you have done to get me where I am today.”    – M

I gained the confidence to be open with my family about my feelings.

“I sought therapy to deal with family changes including my parents separating and a parent’s suicide attempt. Lana helped me gain the confidence to be open with my family about my feelings, which opened the door to improving our relationships. Lana validated and normalized my feelings and asked me questions that challenged my assumptions. She took the time to understand what I wanted out of counseling and catered her approach to meet these requests. In addition, Lana always remained personable- she shared bits of her own life, which helped me more critically explore my own. Lana has a gift for expressing care and concern while being warm and genuine overall.” – K

We feel confident in making decisions to support our son’s recovery.

“Lana helped us through the hardest time of our lives, sending our son to (drug/alcohol) rehab. We came together as a team (two sets of parents due to divorce and remarriage) and feel confident together now in making decisions to support his recovery. Lana’s style and gentle kindness is so evident and we have such respect for her knowledge and resources on addiction.” – E

For individuals

Find yourself and your voice.

My daughter now addresses issues openly.

“Lana helped my daughter find her voice and new ways to cope. My daughter now addresses issues openly and head on.” – B

I was heard, understood, and respected.

“Participating in Lana’s 12 week Empowering Women’s Group was a rich and wonderful experience for me. I learned something new every week. I was able to be myself. I was heard, understood, and respected.” – R

Lana has enabled me to begin to find myself again.

“I have really enjoyed knowing you and learning from you, Lana. You have enabled me to begin to find myself again. I am currently working on opening my Chakras. I have found my way back to stones and their healing powers and recently purchased a book on homeopathic remedies, which is a true passion of mine. Words cannot express how much I needed you in my life and how much you have helped.” – S

This has been my most valuable counseling experience.

“I sought therapy for family issues, depression, and anxiety. Lana taught me relaxation techniques and different perspectives on my feelings and conflicts. I most appreciated being able to have an open, honest relationship with Lana. This experience has been the most valuable to me compared to other counseling experiences.” – E

Lana helped me feel heard.

“Lana is a compassionate and dedicated therapist who helped me feel heard, understand how my past has affected me, and identified patterns in my life. What brought me into therapy was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable, which led to me drinking too much and emotional eating. After working with Lana, I’m headed in the right direction and more mindful of my eating and drinking patterns. ” – T

Manage anxiety.

I learned to manage my anxiety after struggling with it for my whole life.

“I lived with anxiety for the majority of my life, and in 10 sessions I was able to learn to manage it! The majority of my ability to manage the anxiety is purely from doing morning practice and changing the way I think about things. Being mindful. Stopping and thinking and letting go.”   – C

I no longer feel anxious about life.

“I struggled with anxiety over major life changes, low self-esteem, and recovering from growing up in an alcoholic home. I have made tons of progress in sessions with Lana. I no longer feel anxious about life and I feel like my self-esteem is stronger. Lana is able to meet me where I am and allows the process to unfold. She incorporates breathing exercises and meditation when needed. Lana has a great ability to quickly get to the root of the issue.” – M

Gain confidence and self love.

I feel more confident and positive.

“I sought therapy because of my struggle with depression, low self-esteem, and wanting more balance in my life. After sessions with Lana, I feel more confident and positive. I am beginning to feel as if I am being and seeing the world differently. I was able to be openly honest in session and always left with helpful homework that encouraged me to do introspective reflection and helped me move forward in reaching my goals. Lana has a very gentle way of asking the hard questions. Those questions always led me to some deep thinking.” – T

Our sessions have helped me to have a greater appreciation and love of myself.

“Lana is a compassionate listener and seeks to understand. She asks insightful questions that make you think. Lana respects my spiritual practice and reminds me to take care of myself when I feel emotionally challenged. I like the meditation component integrated into the session and the time to relax and reflect on a a passage by a spiritual master or noteworthy author. Our sessions have helped me to have a greater appreciation and love of myself. With self-love and care as my top priorities, I can boldly move forward to conquer my goals and dreams.” – P

I have regained my self respect.

“Lana really listened to me and provided some constructive feedback. I am more confident and have regained my self-respect.” – D

Lana lifted me up to a better place.

“From the day I came in, I felt 10 inches tall, but now I feel 10 feet tall. You lifted me up to a better place. It’s a good feeling to have. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed.” – D

Experience emotional wellness in motherhood.

I feel like myself again.

“My anxiety began in pregnancy or probably before that. The whole third trimester I kept picturing my baby being stillborn. After he was born, it was just worry, a sense of constantly being overwhelmed by the smallest things. Everything made me angry, including the baby, in spite of being in love with him. Once when he was crying and screaming to be fed, I was SO tired and SO overwhelmed, I just screamed at him. However, I wasn’t like that all the time, so I still thought I was doing okay. I couldn’t see how bad it was getting. Every day, I would picture something bad happening- dropping him down the stairs, hitting his head on the wall, finding him in his crib dead from SIDS. Those images were so scary and awful that the only place I felt safe was on the couch with my husband there to help me, ignoring the dog because I couldn’t deal with her, and watching TV so I didn’t have to think about anything. I felt like a lazy, mean, petty, worthless human being who didn’t deserve my baby.”

“Although I was DETERMINED to not have postpartum anxiety and tried to convince myself I was fine, I finally went to see my doctor to ask for anti-anxiety medication. Starting Lexapro didn’t make the anxiety go away, it just loosened its hold on me. I no longer have meltdowns, I can handle hearing my baby cry, and I can do what needs to be done and let go of the things that don’t get done. I feel like I have the tools to get through the stressful times while I figure it out. I can see the difference when I take the time to exercise, do “30 Days to Grace“, journal, take time for myself, eat well, meditate/pray, take baths, get outside, be with other moms, and yes do the dreaded yoga. Even though I am stubborn and was resistant to yoga, medication, and the other coping tools, you continued to repeat them and gave me so many different options.”

“Good therapists like you give me new words and new perspectives to get me out of my head and help me change my story. Your office is my happy place! I’m always thinking now, when I’m stressed, “what would Lana suggest I do?”
– J (a resilient, loving mom)