Compassionate, Evidenced-Based, & Innovative Therapy

My Beliefs

It is an honor for me to support, guide, and empower you in healing, moving beyond challenges, and creating the most fulfilling life and relationships. I believe that all of us need help at different points in our lives to break through impasses, accomplish more, and create healthier and happier relationships

In order to facilitate real change I not only strive to be a compassionate healer, but also an effective one, which includes both being a learner and a teacher. I will create a safe, collaborative space upholding the values of unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and empathy to allow you to speak your true voice and feel supported in trying experiential exercises with your family members. I will also help you grow by sharing direct feedback and suggestions with you about possible areas of needed growth (and teaching you and your family members new skills) to help you reach the goals you identify- while holding you all in the highest regard.

My mission is to empower you to become a relationship hero!

You have the power to change your life and future generations. Most people aren’t able to do this alone. I often brainstorm with my clients several different resources (people, support groups, programs, etc.) to help them make long-lasting change. I am continually inspired by my clients’ courage, valiant efforts and extraordinary growth.

Who I Am

I have been married for two decades and am a mother of a beautiful son.  I know from experience that a satisfying, vibrant intimate relationship requires continual learning, openness to change, and a willingness to grow. I am also a “mamapreneur” and understand the challenges of mothers who work outside the home. Having been a full-time mom for my son’s first two years (after working outside the home), I also have great respect for stay at home parents. I do my best in finding a  balance between gratifying work, family time, couple time, and self-care/spiritual growth, and feel grateful for all of it!

Where I’ve Worked

I have worked in a variety of settings, such as K-12 schools, intensive outpatient programs for teens and adults, a dual diagnosis transitional residential treatment center, DUI groups, couples & families “teaching clinics” with one way mirrors and filmed sessions, and private practice. One aspect of private practice that I love is being able to work with individuals and family members throughout their life span and support generational change, which is the most powerful change possible.

Training and Education

  • EFT Master Class with Sue Johnson, Psychotherapy Networker
  • EFT Master Class- Attachment, Emotions, & Addiction- Denver, CO
  • Multi-generational Trauma- Terry Real On-line Course
  • RLT Level I & II Couples Therapy- San Francisco, CA
  • PACT Level I Couples Therapy- PACT Institute, Boulder, CO
  • Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Denver Family Institute (DFI), Denver, CO
  • Certificate in Yoga Teacher Training- Axis Yoga, Denver, CO
  • Certified Senior Addictions Counselor, Level III- CO #7085; Odyssey Training Center, Denver, CO and Oakton Community College, IL
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker- CO #1434; Master of Social Work (MSW): Loyola University- Chicago, IL
  • Special Education Teacher, Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teaching, Workshops, & Presentations

  • Adjunct Professor: University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work: Relationship (Couples) Therapy
  • Adjunct Professor: Denver Family Institute: Self of the Therapist
  • Presenter: Connecting New Mamas at Lutheran Medical Center- “Emotional Wellness in Motherhood”
  • Workshop creator and facilitator- “Keeping the Spark Alive” for couples with young children.
  • Workshop creator and facilitator- “Have Each Other’s Backs Again!” for couples in recovery who are in need of rebuilding trust and connection.

“We are born into relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.”

~ Harville Hendrix

Lana is a compassionate and dedicated therapist who helped me feel heard, understand how my past has affected me, and identified patterns in my life. What brought me into therapy was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable, which led to me drinking too much and emotional eating. After working with Lana, I’m headed in the right direction and more mindful of my eating and drinking patterns.