I’m excited to offer online counseling- teletherapy as one of my services!

I use Zoom’s Pro version that is HIPAA compliant, which allows us to have secure teletherapy sessions. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it either. It is easy and free to upload and you’ll just click on a link sent to you via email. If you are not able to have Zoom on your computer, we can use Doxy, which is also a HIPAA compliant and user-friendly platform.

Zoom (& Doxy) allow me to have several people on a teletherapy session! Thus, if you are living separately from loved ones or traveling for business or other reasons, we can have a session with several family members in different locations.

Does online counseling actually work? Here’s what my clients are saying…

Married Couple-

“Thank you for offering your services through online therapy. I’m extremely grateful for this innovative option. I feel very connected and often forget we’re not all in the same room. Its a wonderful compliment to your practice which has allowed me and my partner to continue on a path to healing through these challenging times.”

“I just want to share a note about our online therapy with Lana. We thought it may be discouraging going via screen time for our therapy, but it has been absolutely as effective as would be in person.

Currently we are ALL going through hard times (I too lost my job), but we decided to continue online couple counseling and we are so happy with our sessions, especially right now when needed most. Thank you Lana! Your dedication to helping us is evident.”

Mother (in recovery from postpartum anxiety) of an adorable toddler-

“Online counseling made me nervous at first because I wasn’t sure if it would just be really awkward and not feel like real counseling, but as soon as I saw Lana’s face and heard her voice it felt just like my usual sessions!

I was in such a dark place but after that session it was like a little glimpse of “normal” and I felt so much better. Lana let me rant for a while about what was wrong then in her usual way steered me towards the real problem and real solutions to it – just like she always does, the format didn’t change the results at all!

Honestly in some ways it was better than in person counseling– no distractions, I wasn’t stressed from traffic or trying to be on time, and I had my dogs laying on me to calm me, it was wonderful! I slept for 12 hours and woke up and baked cookies and cleaned my house. I felt so much better.”

Single male adult-

“A digital Counseling session is not my first choice, but I know that I need help and support during this time so it was a no brainer for me to continue my sessions with Lana virtually. If you have any experience with digital conferencing at your work you will not have any issues using the Doxy system. I logged into my session time without difficulty and Lana was waiting for me.

I have been socially isolating in a one-bedroom apartment so just seeing another person’s face who wanted to hear about how I was doing did a world of good. Our session felt nearly identical to the other sessions I have had with Lana- she listened asked questions and made me feel heard online just as well as she did in the office. For me keeping my appointments with Lana, even if they are digitally is crucial during this time.”

Mother of two beautiful children and a third on the way-

My online counseling session with Lana was just as intimate, focused and helpful as it was previously sitting in the same room. During this uncertain time it allowed me to have a connection with someone other than my immediate family and friends and most importantly a focused time for myself.
I made sure to have a designated space and I continued to sit there after the session, as I would have during my drive home, to reflect afterward and hold the session in my mind before re-entering back into life at home. A unique outcomes of this virtual session was it also allowed me to bring this support into my home. Every time time I passed by the space I used for my session the following day, I was reminded of her words, questions and the goals I have moving forward.
I will continue to utilize these online counseling sessions as they are a wonderful way to get support and continue on my personal journey during a time I need it the most.”

Research also supports teletherapy.

According to Dr. Shawna Wright, at the University of Kansas Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth (which has conducted research on this modality since 1991):

“There is a breadth of research that indicates that teletherapy can be effective and that clients are satisfied with this method of delivery.” 

Indirect benefits of teletherapy~

  • Safer at home
  • Skip the commute
  • No need to set up and pay for childcare (siblings or technology might be the babysitter)
  • Flexible hours- If you need appointments outside of my regular office hours (ex. some parents prefer 7:30 PM sessions after they put their little ones to bed), send me an email request for a later evening session. (I also can offer early morning sessions for parents of teens and college students 🙂

How do I schedule a teletherapy session?

1. Schedule your therapy session here: click on the Make an appointment” button (on all of my web pages).

2. Go to the personalized link that I send you via email (at your scheduled time), and your session will begin.

The process is the same for one or ten people in the same or different locations.

Questions? Ready to Schedule?

Feel free to contact Lana Isaacson, LCSW, CAC III, MFTC at: 720.432.5262 or [email protected]. Here is my online calendar.