Imagine a Relationship Where You Feel

Loved – Truly loved by and loving to your partner
Accepted – Imperfections are accepted and strengths acknowledged
Fulfilled – Successful in meeting your partner’s needs and having your own needs met
Alive – Intentionally invest in reigniting your passion through connection, novelty, adventure, playfulness, romance, etc.
Secure – You completely have each other’s backs and feel competent in resolving conflict and any other challenges
Expansive – Your relationship helps you both become more than either of you could ever be on your own
Relationally Empowered – You both agree that you will bring your full selves and full strength into your relationship, stand toe to toe with your partner and do your best to insist on and deliver healthy intimacy (emotional, physical, sexual, intellectual, & spiritual) because you love each other and deserve it.

Therapy Sessions Are:

Strength-based – Everyone has strengths that deserve recognition. When others see the best in you, you feel safe and more open to change.
Active-oriented & Playful
 – You will face each other as I coach you to better express yourself, attune, and care for one another. You will practice in real time different solutions to your problems, effective communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy skills. You will rediscover the fun, sense of adventure, and passion you previously had in order to continue writing fabulous chapters in your love story.
Heart-centered – Grounded in attachment theory, I will elicit greater emotion, empathy and understanding for you and your partner that is rooted in your childhood. You will be coached to speak and listen from your heart to be fully heard.
Evidenced-based – As a PACT therapist, I will help you create a “secure functioning” relationship (partners are willing to do whatever it takes to help their significant other feel safe, secure, and loved). PACT was developed out of cutting-edge research in three areas: neuroscience, arousal regulation, and attachment theory. Learn more about PACT.

As an RLT therapist, I will teach you relational skills and work with the parts of you too stubborn to use them! I also will BOLDLY tell you the TRUTH about your relationship dynamic, your strengths and areas of needed growth in order for you to have the relationship you say you want to have.

Issues We May Cover in Therapy

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Fallen out of love or your passion has faded
  • Emotional distance or feel like roommates
  • Excessive conflict and/or inability to resolve conflict
  • Communication struggles
  • Infidelity/betrayal/lack of trust and ecurity
  • Substance abuse, addictions, codependency
  • Untreated mental health conditions
  • Conflict with extended family
  • LGBTQ unique needs
  • Parenting style differences
  • Transitions- new baby, children leaving home, divorce, remarriage/blended family, new or loss of job, etc.
  • Differences over sex, money, religion, division of labor, technology distractions, lifestyle, dreams for the future, personality styles, etc.

Couples Workshops that Work

Keeping the Spark Alive! – A 2.5 hour interactive workshop for Parents of young children (middle school and younger).
Have Each Other’s Backs Again – A transformational all day interactive workshop supporting couples in recovery (from substance abuse, mental health issues, trauma, and/or generations of divorce or unfulfilling relationships.

What Sets Me Apart as a Couples Therapist

I draw from the most effective and evidenced-based couples therapy models (including PACT, RLT, Esther Perel, & Gottman) today. Since every couple is unique, it is my job to decide on the most helpful skills and concepts to match each couple’s needs.

In addition to helping couples develop a deep emotional connection and sense of safety and security, I also support couples in rediscovering their playfulness, sense of adventure, and passion in order to continue writing fabulous chapters in their love story. See upcoming dates for my recommended Couples Workshop, Keeping the Spark Alive, to keep your relationship stable and exciting.

While many therapists in private practice complete their education (except for the required minimal CEU’s) when they earn their master’s degree, I participated in a two year rigorous post-graduate training in Marriage and Family Therapy at Denver Family Institute where I am a faculty member today. I also completed The Gottman Institute’s training, “Couples and Addiction Recovery”, PACT Level I training, RLT Level I training and am enrolled in RLT Level II for March 2019.

“Modern relationships are cauldrons of contradictory longings- safety and excitement, grounding and transcendence, the comfort of love and the heat of passion. We want it all and we want it with one person. Reconciling the domestic and the erotic is a delicate balancing act that we achieve intermittently at best.”

~Esther Perel

Our relationship is more solid than ever.

“Therapy has a lot of stigma, but especially relationship counseling. When I talked about going to Lana, sometimes the response I received was, “Oh no! What’s wrong? Are you breaking up?” And it was quite the opposite — we wanted to make sure we continued to treat each other with love. I am a better person and our relationship is more solid than ever. It was a priceless experience and everyone should do it.”

We are closer than we ever thought we could be.

“We made progress in all goals, and even areas we were unaware of. Our relationship is more positive, healthier, and more open today then before treatment. Communication has never been so open between my spouse and myself as it is today. We are closer than we ever thought we could be. Seeking help and assistance is not a weakness. It is the brave who seek therapy and face their issues. Life can be lived more fully if you let yourself face struggles so commonly avoided.”