Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse?

Are you missing the intimacy you once had?

Are you having endless conflicts about money, sex, mess, work, kids, something else?

You are not alone.

Parenting is quite the juggling act and it’s hard to make time for our significant partner when we always feel there’s one more thing we have to do. Many parents also do not have a toolbox of effective intimate relationship skills because often our parents didn’t teach or model them and our culture doesn’t expect us to learn these skills in contrast to the expectation of couples learning parenting skills.

Having a child is a DREAM come true for most parents and the greatest joy in our lives!

I want you to relish this time with your children and take your significant role as their parent seriously. I also encourage you to invest some time (that amount is decided by each couple) to nurture your intimate relationship as well in order to create enduring love and connection with your partner before your children leave the nest.

In today’s overzealous parenting and work culture, many parents feel pressured to invest ALL of their resources into their children and work.

Thus, you may be feeling exhausted and stretched too thin to keep your spark or even just your friendship alive with your spouse. You may be great “partners” in the business of life- work, home, and parenting, but you don’t have anything left to give to each other. Or, you might have a passionate marriage, but you struggle to fight respectfully and find mutual resolutions.

As a parent, a couples and family therapist, and married for close to 20 years, I know from experience how valuable it is to invest in my most significant relationship. Every time my husband and I sought professional help or relationship growth and knowledge through couples workshops, videos, books, etc. we healed, grew closer, and enjoyed our relationship so much more because we kept getting better at it!

With all important endeavors, we have to keep growing. This is where my couples therapy sessions and workshop for parents, “Keeping the Spark Alive” can help you. By clearing away intimacy barriers and rekindling passion, improving relationship skills such as communication and conflict resolution, and strengthening your knowledge and insight into how to have a successful long-term relationship, you will be able to give your children and future generations the best GIFT possible- a model for a healthy, loving, fulfilling, and vibrant intimate relationship. You’re worth it, your relationship is worth it, and your children are too!

Resources for New Parents

“It is not the children who extinguish the flame of desire, but the adults who fail to keep the spark alive.”

~ Esther Perel

Making your relationship what you dreamed it would be is the most rewarding project in the world…Lana helped us see how good our relationship could be…if you have the right tools.

A (Parent)