Do you feel like substance abuse or addictions are getting in the way of you or your loved ones living the best life or having the most fulfilling relationship possible?

Are you struggling to control your use of alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, food, porn/sex, technology, spending money, work, or something else and experiencing some consequences?

Is your loved one denying they have a problem? Refusing to get help? Or threatening things will get worse if you bring up the topic again? (Ex. they’ll use more, threaten violence or suicide, or they’ll leave you)

Are you lying awake at night or feel like you’re walking on eggshells during the day worried about your loved one relapsing after they’ve come back after treatment?

I help individuals and their family members at all different places on the continuum of use and recovery.

I will listen to your concern about how your use or your loved one’s use is affecting your life and how you would like your life to be different. I also view substance use and other addictive behaviors in a non-judgmental light by focusing on the impact on your life and your loved ones (ex. fights or disconnection from spouse or children, DUI, loss of job, emotional or physical health issues, financial repercussions, etc.) versus judging someone’s use of a substance or a behavior.

As a certified addiction counselor (CAC III), I can assess whether moderation or abstinence is an appropriate goal.

Since approximately 30% of Americans struggle with alcohol use disorder (not addiction) and others have behavioral issues related to everyday needs, such as food, work, technology, and sex, it is crucial that I am familiar with strategies to help my clients achieve moderation since abstinence is not always an appropriate or realistic goal. On the other hand, if my assessment concludes that you would benefit from specialized treatment beyond what I offer, I will respectfully recommend the most effective programs for your specific issue.

I am well aware of the pain of addiction and respect multiple paths to healing.

Having experienced addiction in my personal life and working in almost all levels of addiction treatment from residential, intensive outpatient, DUI groups, family programs, and private practice, I utilize an extremely empathetic, skillful, and honest approach with individuals and their families.

Whenever possible, I provide a variety of treatment and support group options depending on your unique situation (Moderation Management, Women for Sobriety, Refuge for Recovery, Phoenix Multisport, Mindfulness Meditation Recovery, AA/NA, Al-Anon, CoDA, etc.) because there really are hundreds of ways up the mountain.

As a marriage and family therapist, I utilize a systemic approach that can include ALL family members in the recovery process:

For couples

The sooner you and your partner receive support in healing from the effects of addiction and codependency and learn healthier ways to communicate, resolve conflict, and set healthy boundaries, the stronger your individual and couple recovery will be.

  • Heal from the impact of addiction and relationship changes due to recovery.
  • Move out of trauma, fear, and mistrust and back to connection.
  • Resolve feelings of resentment, and restore appreciation.
  • Create a relationship based on “true mutuality.”
  • I offer a couples in recovery workshop called “Have Each Other’s Backs Again” twice a year for individuals who are looking to heal and strengthen their intimate relationship so they can enjoy their recovery journey with someone by their side.

For families

When a parent is struggling with addiction, I provide experiential family therapy sessions that give children and teens an equal voice in expressing the pain of addiction and help heal and reunite these families.

If you’re a parent or child of an alcoholic or addict, you play an instrumental in your teen and young adult’s recovery. You also have the opportunity for parallel growth while your teen or young adult progresses in recovery.

  • Learn about why addiction is a family disease with a family solution.
  • Get validation of your painful experience.
  • Receive tools for healing, hope and encouragement.
  • Find the gift of growth in your difficult experience.

For individuals in recovery from addiction and/or codependency

Recovery is more than sobriety. Uncover, discover and discard everything you’re not, and rediscover your true nature. This process of finding your true self will allow you to cross a bridge into a new life and experience self-love, forgiveness, and your full potential!

If you’re in long-term recovery from addiction or enabling:

  • Receive support in your goal of abstinence and reconnect with your true self.
  • Attain personal growth in all areas of your life for greater happiness and meaning.
  • Feel empowered to speak your true voice and set healthy limits.
  • Achieve your true potential in life through the experience, strength, and hope of a recovering community and experience the rewards of being of service to others while still prioritizing your needs and hopes/dreams.

For adult children of alcoholics and addicts

You may find that you’re struggling to let go of resentments, forgive your parents, and let them back into your life. Therapy can help you reconcile with your parents and form a healthier relationship with them now. Or, if you decide that serenity, not reconciliation is your goal, I can help you let go of old resentments, experience radical acceptance, and move forward with your life (regardless of what actions your family member takes).

What sets me apart as a substance abuse, addiction and recovery therapist:

  • I continue to do my own personal and relational recovery work and professional development. Beyond earning my CAC III, I have completed The Gottman Institute’s training, “Couples and Addiction Recovery”, PACT Level I training (influenced by John Bradshaw), and RLT Level I training (influenced by Pia Mellody).
  • I created a powerful piece to illustrate the family’s story: Addiction Divides Us, Recovery Unites Us and support clients who wish to also use creative therapy modalities for telling their story and deeply healing.

My MISSION is to help equip couples with the tools to pass down the gifts of recovery and healthy intimate relationships to future generations.

Lana is a compassionate and dedicated therapist who helped me feel heard, understand how my past has affected me, and identified patterns in my life. What brought me into therapy was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable, which led to me drinking too much and emotional eating. After working with Lana, I’m headed in the right direction and more mindful of my eating and drinking patterns.