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What I've Learned from 20 Years of Marriage

"If I hadn't found you... I'd probably be driving somebody else nuts." In close to 21 years, this is my favorite wedding anniversary card I have received from my partner. Of course, I love the poetic language from other cards, but this…
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Guidelines for Visiting Your Family at the Holidays or Vacations

It's HOLIDAY (or vacation) time! Most people want to be surrounded by FAMILY (whether this is their real family, chosen family or longed for family) at this nostalgic time of the year. (And if you're a parent, you likely value your kids bonding…
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Do You Have a Mother-in-Law? (or any difficult relatives)

Do you have a mother-in-law? The kind that doesn't "wear beige" and has a critical opinion about everything you do or intermittently shares her opinion with you, so you never know when she'll verbally strike. The kind that boasts about…
Therapy for Couples Denver CO
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Sex, Mess, Kids, Work, & Money- Resolving the Most Common Couple Issues by Going Deeper

When couples come into therapy, they're typically in a lot of pain and confusion and trying their best to make sense of what's gone wrong with their relationship, and what needs to change to make it better. Here are some things they say: "We…
Is there sex after kids?

Is There Sex After Having Kids?

Is There Sex After Having Kids? How to Preserve Emotional and Physical Intimacy After Having a Child Wisdom passed down about how to successfully transition from couplehood to parenthood is surprisingly sparse. We all hear with excitement…