Double Pinky Promise- A Mother’s Journey with her 1st Grader

As you may recall, I wrote a poem called “Through the Yellow Door” about my struggle with my son’s transition to Kindergarten and my realization that the only way to let go and move forward was for me to mourn and launch, too (which are actual tips for “empty nesters” launching their young adults).

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Eli beginning first grade, so I had tissues on hand just in case for the “first day of school” parade. Ironically, my eyes only filled with tears as the children were lining up for the parade to start. When the music actually began and I saw my now 1st grader saunter past me with confidence, I was able to feel true JOY for this new passage in his life and a surprising lack of grief. This was a good thing on many levels, one being that I had volunteered to greet the new Kindergarten parents at the “Tears and Cheers” breakfast, and I needed to be in a healthy state just in case someone else needed a tissue this time.

This school year, I am experiencing the gift of contentment for where I am in life and TRULY enjoying my first grader (who seems to have 4 different sides to himself):

1. Silly/Imaginative/Energetic

(Though too much potty humor!) The photo above is a great example of my silly son who moved his swimming pool in front of my husband and I, doing our favorite back-to-back meditation, so he could mug for the camera.

2. Bright/Curious/Sometimes Outsmarts his Parents

Eli told me that an adult mentioned there was a bar named after him. I asked him, “Eli, do you know what a bar is?” Eli responded, “Of course I know! All of those chocolate bars you eat!” I thought to myself, “How sweet 🙂 He’s still so innocent.” Then, after a minute, he looked up at me and said, “Or the kind that serves alcohol.”

3. Wise Buddha (big soul on little legs)

I asked Eli, “Do you know what trust means?” He responded, “Oh yes Mommy. Trust means that you know someone won’t break it or lose it.” (Although he explained later he was referring to his friends not breaking or losing his toys, I believe that he understands trust on a deeper level as well.)

4. Sweet/Loving/Extrovert/Huge Heart

Eli recently bought himself a NinjaGo journal (that has a lock and a key) and said he would share just one page with me that I could share with other folks as long as we all double pinky promise that we won’t tell anyone else. So, if you can agree… This is what he wrote in response to the question: “What are 3 qualities that describe you?” Eli wrote, “Positive, kind, and polite“. (I thought to myself, “Where did I get this child?!”)

Eli also recently said, “I’m always happy on Friday because the weekend is coming up.” When I asked Eli what he likes about the weekend, he responded, “I get to be with you guys” (mom and dad).

One more sweet story about Eli is that he recently called out to me in the middle of the night. When I went to his room, he said he just wanted a hug because he had a nightmare. When I hugged him and told him I loved him, he sang, “I love you for a thousand years.”

Okay, just one more heartfelt story– If I ever leave the house before Eli does, he insists, as he stands on our front porch, that we both wave (with my arm out the window) and blow kisses my entire drive to the end of the cul-de-sac until I am out of sight.

If any of these stories made you smile, double pinky promise me you’ll share your own adorable child (or animal) stories with other folks to bring more JOY and gratitude in the world!

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