Addiction Divides Us, Recovery Unites Us (dance piece)

As you watch my dance piece…

1. Notice what emotions and thoughts come up for you.

2. Ask yourself which family role you identify with (as a child and possibly as an adult)~ Scapegoat, Hero, Mascot, Lost Child, Enabler, Victim (“Patient”).

3. See if you can catch the three different responses my siblings and I had to the news that day we received the call from our mom.

  • My younger brother, “the mascot” fainted, though on the outside he presented as easy going.
  • My older sister, “the scapegoat” bawled, though on the outside she showed anger or indifference toward our father
  • The hero“, me, did a victory “Yes” gesture (the darkest response) though on the outside, I mostly showed respect for my father.

4. Witness the impact of addiction on the family. Also, try to identify every family member’s addiction (in spite of the myth that there is only one addict).

5. Observe the ripple effect of positive changes on the family in recovery. Identify some ways that the family strengthened their recovery.

Your turn~ If you were to tell your family’s story through the arts (music, writing, theater, dance, visual art, etc.), what message would you convey?