Imagine a Relationship Where You Feel:

Loved Truly loved by and loving to your partner

Accepted Imperfections are accepted and strengths acknowledged

Fulfilled Successful in meeting your partner’s needs and having your own needs met

Connected Competent in resolving conflict and understood by your partner

Secure Like you have each other’s backs

Expansive Your relationship helps you both become more than either of you could ever be on your own

In Our Couples Therapy Sessions:

We begin by creating an emotionally safe space in which both partners are invited to share their deepest hopes, dreams, fears, hurts, and needs.

You will reconnect to each other, rebuild and enrich your relationship, rediscover how amazing your relationship can be when you invest in it, and reauthor your love story.

As a PACT-trained therapist, I will help you create a “secure functioning” relationship. To learn more about PACT, click here.

Change happens when you’re fully invested.

When both partners are honest (about their deepest emotions), open (to their partner’s needs), and willing to change to create a more loving, respectful, and satisfying relationship, hope abounds for their relationship.

Couples therapy is most effective when both partners are willing to put forth the effort in and out of therapy sessions. I find that couples who are willing to do homework are more likely to reach their goals.

Therapy Sessions Are:

Everyone has strengths that deserve recognition. When others see the best in you, you feel safe and more open to change.

You will face each other as I coach you to better care for and connect with one another.

You will learn about different solutions to your problems and practice effective
communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy skills.
Focused on building a more loving, safe, secure, and vibrant relationship.

Issues We May Cover in Therapy:

Emotional distance
Communication struggles
Infidelity/betrayal/lack of trust & security
Addictions/codependency/enabling (Couples in Recovery)
Mental health conditions
Conflict with extended family (especially mother-in-laws)
Parenting style differences
Transitions- new baby, divorce, remarriage/blended family, new or loss of job, new home
Differences over sex, money, religion, division of labor, technology distractions, lifestyle, dreams for the future, personality styles, etc.

Our relationship is more solid than ever.

“Therapy has a lot of stigma, but especially relationship counseling. When I talked about going to Lana, sometimes the response I received was, “Oh no! What’s wrong? Are you breaking up?” And it was quite the opposite — we wanted to make sure we continued to treat each other with love. I am a better person and our relationship is more solid than ever. It was a priceless experience and everyone should do it.”

We are closer than we ever thought we could be.

“We made progress in all goals, and even areas we were unaware of. Our relationship is more positive, healthier, and more open today then before treatment. Communication has never been so open between my spouse and myself as it is today. We are closer than we ever thought we could be. Seeking help and assistance is not a weakness. It is the brave who seek therapy and face their issues. Life can be lived more fully if you let yourself face struggles so commonly avoided.”