I empower new moms to choose the lifestyle that suits you and your family based on your family circumstances, strengths, interests, and challenges.

New mothers have a lot of pressure in our culture to either stay at home full time or work outside the home full time, in addition to all of the other parenting decisions of which everyone has an opinion. It can be hard at times to feel like you’re doing the “right” thing. The good news is that there isn’t just one right way to do anything in parenthood!

Hopefully you can embrace what works for you and celebrate your strengths since these are the areas in which you will shine and influence your child to do the same.

How I’ve listened to my intuition…

During my son’s early years (before Kindergarten), I chose to leave my full-time job, work part-time as a therapist and part-time as a mom, which was an ideal balance for me. It allowed me to be the most present and enjoy every moment with my son while continuing to do the work I find rewarding.

When my son began elementary school, I increased my working hours to full-time so I too could “launch” myself into the world as I witnessed my son doing when he courageously walked through the school doors all by himself.

I encourage all parents to listen to your heart, head, and most of all the wisdom of your intuition and of course your partner if your child has another parent, in making decisions for your family that suit you. Everyone else’s opinion pales in comparison to what you know deep down is right for your family and you.

Listen to the wisdom of your intuition.

For Expecting and New Mothers

I support you in coping with sometimes drastic changes in mood, identity, and relationships. I also help you feel good about the lifestyle choices you are making (stay at home, work part or full time outside home, etc.)

For Mothers in Transition

For mothers at a crossroads with their career and identity due to their children transitioning to kindergarten, full day K-12 school, or leaving home as young adults, I can support you to honor, process and grieve the life cycle stage you just experienced & mastered and help you “launch” too by reconnecting with your goals and dreams.

For Mothers of Teens

It can be tough to experience your child pulling away from you as s/he is going through this normal developmental phase of “individuating”. If you developed a strong bond earlier in your teen’s life, s/he will come back to you. It’s also worth noting that we never stop wanting our moms and dads’ approval, support, and love throughout our life. This too shall pass!

“Only when… we learn that taking care of ourselves is as necessary as taking care of our families; only when we begin to accept ourselves, imperfections and all; only when we permit ourselves to face the limits of what we can do for the people we love, do we achieve our fullest potential as mothers.”

~ Karen Kleiman & Valerie Davis Raskin